Friday, October 20, 2006

I am so tired..... I haven't slept a wink....

I was already lying in my bed... I couldn't sleep... I am restless... Why? Usually being restless is
a sign of change... I like change and i fear it as well... Guess what: positive change is what i am most afraid of!! It has been a bumpy ride so far, so when i am at the end of my 'metal road' standing in front of a fresh tarred high way, i hesitate!

Oh god, this word 'hesitate' is reminds me again of my English friend Geordie: ( 'He who
hesitates, masturbates'. You see, the only cure for being so serious about everything is having a
friend around who takes nothing seriously!
Anyway, i was still lying, eyes wide open, in my bed thinking about categories... So i got up and tagged all my post in order to get them categorized with Not the best way I can think of, but the best i am capable of, with my newbie knowledge of html... Did you notice I sometimes write capital 'I' and sometimes the little 'i' . This is inconsistent, but i just
wonder why should i write I? Am I better? Or am I / i the only one wondering about this??


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