Monday, October 23, 2006

Forecast- the future map of the world!

When satellites capture images of our beautiful blue and green planet during the next millennium, will we recognize the shapes they show us? It can be difficult to comprehend all at once the incredible Earth changes which Gordon-Michael Scallion has predicted. What will our planet actually look like after these changes are complete? Based on over 25 years of visions he has received on the subject, this award winning wall map is the definitive illustration of GMS’ Earth change predictions. Giant-sized for easy viewing, this map covers changes for all continents, as well as new islands that will be created, rising from the oceans’ floors. As GMS explains in the map’s text, “I feel that sharing this information will identify areas that should be watched… and supply benchmarks that may be used to warn of impending changes as these scenarios [from 1998 through 2012] unfold.”


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